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Barbara provides consultancy services, through her company, Tectrice Consult, in Bulgaria, UK and USA. She is currently formalising a new venture ‘The Business Bridge’ ( which will provide hands-on matchmaking services between Bulgarian and British entities that want to do business in each other’s countries. We will also provide fee-based professional services including legal, financial, translation, market research, business English and Bulgarian, and a host of customised exporting information. 

Current and recent assignments include:

The Best of Bulgaria

Initiation and management of “The Best of Bulgaria” iOS and Android apps for tablets and smart phones. The Best Of Bulgaria is the first in a series of prestigious, high quality photo-apps designed for Bulgarians living abroad, their families and friends as well as being of interest to all tourists and potential tourists, and indeed to anyone who has even a little curiosity about Bulgaria. They are available in English and Bulgarian, and can be downloaded free of charge at:

We are now ready to discuss with clients who would like to develop ‘The Best of ….’ for their own territory, town or community.

Interim Management

Following an intense period of participation in the working committee for the setting up of The British Bulgarian Business Association (BBBA) in 2014, Barbara was asked to become its Interim General Manager, setting up and running it for a period of some 14 months.

Project Management

Project Director to the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum – EU funded project entitled “Corporate Social Responsibility in the Tourism Industry in Bulgaria – the Facts and the Future”.

Speaking Engagements

Barbara is a popular public speaker. She aims to spend three to four months a year in the USA, and her favourite speaking topic entertains business and social audiences in UK and USA with her reminiscences of doing business in Bulgaria over the past 32 years – a full experience, both informed and funny, and a realistic hands-on understanding of Bulgaria today.

As well as speaking on Bulgaria she also speaks on topics relating to her experience of being the main family breadwinner, and a woman in business over the past forty years – in UK, USA, the former USSR and Bulgaria. Topics include:

  • Grooming for Success – blond bimbos and short skirts give an impression! live beyond it or change your appearance!
  • Women and Leadership – leaders over decades and their attributes
  • Man’s World; Woman’s Place – that’s just the way it is…. be ready!
  • Greed: The Great Motivator – the pursuit of materialism at any cost (NOT ACCEPTABLE!).

Enquiries as to Barbara’s availability and rates may be obtained by email to:

Writing Engagements

Whilst a researcher in cell biology Barbara published numerous articles in the scientific press, many of which are still referred to.

However, having been at Yale University as a Post Doctoral fellow at the beginning of the 70s she had developed an interest in women’s issues, which she had to admit did not directly impinge on her way forward, but seemed increasingly to be issues to ‘women’s liberationalists’. In 1983, following various publications by Professor Cary Cooper and Marilyn Johnson, including one in the journal ‘Long Range Planning’ she was asked by the journal to make a response, and her strong opinion that if women wanted to succeed they had to commit was articulated.

She has since been a supporter of women and their advancing their careers, mainly on a personal basis, and has also sought to support young Bulgarian musicians, who due to lack of a ‘sponsorship culture’ in that country have an even tougher time that most, and she writes regularly on the needs of women in all walks of life.

She has also contributed many articles in support of Tourism in Bulgaria, both in magazines e.g. TourBG and websites, promotional brochures and other media, and was initiator of the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism in Bulgaria, a project which resulted in a weighty publication about good practice as well as problems in selected tourism sectors throughout the EU.

Self-realisation, purpose, goals and achievement are constantly in Barbara’s focus, and she has done much to encourage both young people in Bulgaria and Baby-Boomers world-wide to seek and achieve whatever they define at the moment as their goals. In this she continues to work with Masha Malka, with whom she hopes shortly to publish practical success manuals.

Barbara is also available to write top level English texts when required, whether letters to British top brass, or well-constructed English op-eds or business plans. Contact her at

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